Beckett Lauren Thomas

I love reminiscing on the birth stories and moments that i've gotten to experience with my girls. Beckett's birth story is one of my favorites, because her birth was an example of me and my body doing something that I wasn't exactly sure it could do.

With Meredith, I had a long drawn out labor, little progression and a non-emergent c-section. From that moment, I just assumed that any future children would also be c-section. However, after speaking with my very VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) friendly doctor, we decided that I was a good candidate and that we could play things by ear.

I had another pretty miserable pregnancy with Beckett, lots of morning sickness, horrendous back pain to the point of hardly being able to walk, I gained another 60 lbs (YEAH. I KNOW.) But I also experienced something with Beckett's pregnancy that I never did with Meredith, braxton hicks contractions. I had these starting from about 30 weeks on! At one point on a weekend trip to target, my contractions even started getting within 2-3 minutes apart, and lasted 30+ minutes! However, at 36 weeks, we were still keeping baby cooking, but my blood pressure began the steady creep up, just as it had done with my first pregnancy.

I began to experience side effects associated with the high blood pressure, the swelling, face tingling, even some headaches, but thankfully I was never diagnosed with Pre-eclampsia... BUT, this did mean that to be precautious, as long as all looked good with our little girl, they would induce me at 37 weeks..(hesitantly). I was going to be induced on that Sunday, but our little love had her own plans! Getting ready for bed one night, with a worse than normal pain in my low back, I had Nathan try to rub my lower back to give me some relief...with a few movements of my hips back and forth, I told him he needed to quit because I felt like the baby was right there... leaning back to stand up, I learned that I was right! My water broke ( just like the movies!) around 10:30 pm, and it was GO TIME! I was able to labor at the hospital through the night, until we realized I wasn't progressing as fast as I would hope. I was given an epidural around 9 am, and then fell asleep waiting for my pitocin to be administered, but because of an emergency that took most of the staff, I wasn't given it until around noon. At that time I napped on an off, and within about an hour I went from 4 cm to 8 cm! Which was great! My pitocin had to be backed off a bit because it was going suuuper fast, and by about 4 pm they were getting ready for me to push.. I WAS GOING TO GET MY VBAC! At 4:15, I began pushing, and my mother reminded me that I was born at 4:32 pm, so if I wanted to have my baby at the same time, I had 17 minutes.. Within 3 contractions of pushing, Beckett Lauren Thomas was born at exactly 4:32 pm after 18 hours of labor. My mom and sister got to join Nathan and I in the delivery room (along with 3 nurses, the doctor, and two students, HAHA! it was a full house.)

I won't say that Beckett's birth story is better than Meredith's. Even though Meredith's wasn't exactly what I had ever planned, it showed me that I was stronger than I imagined, that I could handle being cut open to safely deliver my baby. The recovery sucked, but I feel like a warrior when I look at my scar. With Beckett's birth, I was again reminded that I AM a warrior. The recovery was significantly better (that I will admit!)

I am so thankful that I have gotten to experience birth in two COMPLETELY different ways. I feel like I have so much appreciation for my body because of what i've gotten to do to meet my babies.

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