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I thought this would be a fun one to write! And since I’m not sure how long this will end up being, i’ll get right into it!

 If you know me, or knew me during my pregnancy, you know that I was not that “glowing” mom to be that had an effortless pregnancy, I wasn’t “all baby” and to be blunt, I did not enjoy every moment of being pregnant. And, although I know that “planning birth months” is not a thing for us (we tried to get pregnant roughly 6 months or so [which I know is about average]), if I DID get to plan for baby #2, I would try my hardest to avoid being 9 months pregnant in July next time LOL!

I had been having irregular contractions for a few weeks, and on July 15th, I was feeling a little off- so after a few hours of hanging out at home trying to figure out what was going on, Nathan and I decided to head up the hospital. I just wanted to get checked out and to make sure everything was okay! When we got up there, they started with vitals, and we realized that my blood pressure was extremely high. I think it was something like 167/97?! Which, apparently is not good, haha! So, they ran the rest of the vitals, checked me out and re-ran my blood pressure only to have it continuously giving crazy high numbers…I had been watching my blood pressure for a few weeks, as it had been on the high side at a couple routine checkups, but this was definitely higher than ever! After letting me settle down a bit, and continuing to see my blood pressure not budging, the discussion came up about inducing me that night… This was like 10:30 pm, and I was NOT ready to stay at the hospital. So, once we got my blood pressure to come down juuuust a little bit, we decided I would go home, get things ready, and come back the next night at 7 pm.

The countdown was ON. I had until 7 pm the next day to get everything ready for a baby! I had trouble sleeping, I was so excited and nervous and SCARED…I mean, I knew what an induction meant…The baby maybe wasn’t fully ready (I was 38 weeks and baby had been measuring pretty big for weeks!), but I had always pictured this beautiful spontaneous labor, laboring at home until I was ready, and then having a completely unmedicated, natural birth. I knew inductions meant increased likelihood of a c-section, and need for intervention. However, with my blood pressure so high, I knew I didn’t want increased stress on my body or on the baby.

The next day, after getting things as settled as I could, we went in at 7 pm and officially started the induction process. My contractions started and became regular (I believe I was at a 1.5c m dilated when I got there), and slowly things started to get more and more intense. I labored through the night, and even though contractions were intensifying…I was barely dilating. Around 10-10:30 the next morning, I wasn’t progressing the way we had hoped, I was only around 3 cm dilated (YES. 15 HOURS OF BACK TO BACK CONTRACTIONS AND I PROGRESSED 1.5 CM………) So, at that time, I decided to get an epidural and have my water broken.

My epidural was HEAVEN. They broke my water and I started pitocin… Well, for whatever reason, my water did not fully break, so a few hours later while they were checking me, I was approximately at 3 cm dilated and they fully broke my water, hoping that things would speed up. It was now about 4-5 pm and I was starting to get super tired, super discouraged and with minor drops in baby’s heart rate (not emergent at all, but my pregnant hormones mixed with no sleep was making me extra anxious), I felt like I was running out of energy. At 7 pm, I was checked again and at that time I was barely progressing at all… They said we would check again and they hoped to see progression by about 9-9:30 (26 HOURS LATER.)  I was at a 7. I could have cried. Actually…I did cry! My OB was super encouraging and said that we could keep letting my body progress, she actually encouraged me to do so..She just couldn’t tell me how long it was going to be until I would get to a point where I was ready to push, and she couldn’t guarantee that when my body did get there, that I’d be able to successfully have a vaginal birth (because that’s never a guarantee!) By that point my body and mind were EXHAUSTED. I decided to move forward with a c-section.

I won’t go into details about my surgery, instead i’ll skip to the part where they held my beautiful little girl above that blue sheet and my entire world turned upside down. I thought I knew what love was, but seeing the human that my husband and I created gave love an entirely knew meaning. She had the darkest hair and the most insanely precious little scowl on her face. I started hearing people betting on her weight… “I’m guessing nine and a half….” “I’m guessing she might be close to ten….” WHAT? I had a huge baby??? I mean, maybe that made sense why I felt like a house the last few months of pregnancy….but 9.5-10 lbs?? But they were right on! 9#6oz, 21″ long! Born at 10:36 pm on 7/17/2017 after 27.5 hours of labor!

Although I would have never in my wildest dreams hoped for things to play out the way they did, it was perfect and I would’t change one single thing. The chaos gave me the greatest gift of all time…My beautiful, stubborn little girl. Her birth story is very fitting to her personality. She is in charge. No one tells her what to do! 

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