Postpartum Fitness

Let me preface this by saying, I can only remember 2 times in my life that I ever felt "fit". One of them was my wedding, and the other day was following a pretty restrictive 5 week challenge that pushed me way beyond any comfort zone I had, and got me lifting heavy and following a pretty repetitive eating schedule. Both of these were pre-baby days.

I am NOT, I repeat, NOT, what you would consider a fit person, yet. But following the birth of my second baby in three years, I have learned a couple of things about myself and my body, that have changed my entire outlook on my life, and that starts with physical fitness. health. nutrition. wellness... you get it.

I wish I could really prioritize these things into some sort of "order", but to be honest, my mind barely works like that, my mind works in jumbled up chaos of schedules and relevant and irrelevant information. BUT, these thoughts run through my mind daily, and I have mantras that I have adopted as my life mottos, and right now, I am really trying to focus on making myself a priority (which if you have babies, a husband, a zoo of animals, a full time job, etc.... you know that sometimes this is harder than anything else.)

Some of these you may or may not agree with...I bet there is some of these you'll be like, "HELL YEAH!" and others you'll be like "Wow..she thinks that?" and that's okay. You do you, and i'll do me. But right now, this is what's getting me through this postpartum season.

I can't be a good mom if I don't love myself. What do I even mean by this? I mean...when I don't fill up my cup first, I can't pour into other people's cups...That means that I can't be the mom my girls deserve. They deserve a mom that is fully in love with herself, so that they can learn to love themselves too.

Scheduling out time for myself is a non-negotiable. With the first point, in order to be the person that loves themselves, I have to, let me repeat this for everyone in the back, HAVE TO "schedule" a time with myself. Every day, Nathan and I talk about our day's events and the question is-- "what time are you going to get your workout in today? " Our lives revolve around us each getting our time. Our time to bust out a workout and sweat away every worry, stress and bad mood. And we TRY, (not always successfully depending on the day) to do this either alone or at least without the girls, as a way to decompress.

It's okay to not be motivated all the time. This postpartum fitness journey has SUCKED. Let me tell ya what...Second time around is a littttttle different than the first time around. Not only are you exhausted from chasing little minions around all day, but your body has done miraculous things and that has taken a biiiig toll on your body. I have lost strength, stamina and let's be honest, motivation sometimes to go out and give it my all during a workout. And that's okay, BUT...When i'm not feeling it, or i've had a particularly rough day, I do my BEST to get out and do a workout... I tend to notice that those are the ones I need the most ;) Which leads me to THIS.

You have to show up, even when you don't want to. I don't know if this one even really needs an explanation. There are days that I have not showered, am still in my PJs at 4:30 pm, but I feed my baby/pump and take preworkout and GO! (my favorite is Alani Nu, because I feel like I trust their ingredients and the integrity of the company, although I do make sure I feed/pump prior just based on personal preference, I will link it below). The workouts I don't want to do are the ones that usually stir up the biggest mental breakthroughs for me. Endorphins kick in and it's true, you've never heard anyone say "I really regret that workout..." Just sayin'.

The preworkout I use #ad:

I gained 60 lbs. with each baby. After Meredith was born, the weight came off MUCH quicker than it has with Beckett. However, I feel like I am really finding myself this time around. I am finding my true, deep in my soul passion for the kind of person I want my girls to grow up looking to. I try not to talk negatively about my postpartum body (although very difficult at times.) and I also try to show them that it's important to take care of our bodies. Meredith loves to "workout" with us, and watching her create those habits brings this joy to my soul that I can't even describe.

POSTPARTUM SUCKS. There, I said it. But, you WILL feel like yourself again, I promise. But you need to take care of you. You need to prioritize your health so that you can take care of those sweet, sweet babies. And if you need someone just to remind you of that, I'm always looking to add to my mama tribe!


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